Look at photos of all the rooms at the holiday home Münzberg. It's going to be a wonderful holiday.

Holiday Home Münzberg - Location and View

The holiday home Münzberg is located in Annweiler am Trifels in the valley of Bindersbach, with view to Trifels castle and with hiking-trails to the castles and castle ruins Trifels, Anebos and Münz close-by. The house is situated at the hillside of the road. Parking on the roadside is free. A small garage belongs to the house where you can park bikes, motorbikes or baby carriages. Stairs lead up from the road to the house - around 50 steps (so not accessible for wheelchairs). The climber of the stairs is rewarded by a fantastic view.

There is a patio and a garden which belong to the house, and at the top of the garden there is a little gate leading to a footpath to start your hiking tours, for example to Münz castle ruins. The patio is furnished and offers a good view to the castle.


The balcony on the North side offers castle view, and on the sunny South side there is another balcony for you to sunbathe.

The bedrooms

The house has got four double bedrooms, so you can spend your holiday here with up to 8 persons. Each bedrooms is equipped with a TV, with newly purchased and very comfortable boxspring beds (2019), allergy-friendly lining without feathers, a small bedside table and some storage space.

Bedroom Snow-white

This is the smallest of the four bedrooms: It's on the down floor on the ride side, close to the entrance door. There is a double bed size 1,40 m, a coat rack and a small chest of drawers to put your things.

Bedroom Frau Holle

The second bedroom on the down floor is much more spacious: There are two separate single boxspring beds (80 cm each) put together, a wardrobe, to cloak stacks and a chest of drawers with a mirror. There is also a TV in this room.


Bedroom Rapunzel

The bedroom on the upper floor on the ride side two single boxspring beds put together (80 cm each), a large wardrobe with lots of storage space and a TV. The windows look at South and West.


Bedrooms Sleeping Beauty

Guest Toilet

On the down floor, there is a guest toilet. Photos are to follow.


There is one fully equipped bathroom in the house, with walk-in shower rain-style, a bathtub, toilet, bidet, sink and a mirrored cabinet with storage space.

Living and Dining Area

Half of the upper floor is a spacious living and dining area with fully equipped open kitchen, large oak table for 8 to 10 persons and a massive sofa with castle view.

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