Trifels Summer School

For the fourth time this year we will host the Trifels Summer School - a great event, offered by the association "Verein Begegnungszentrum Kurhaus Trifels e.V."

Scientiest of differenct areas and from different universities come together to discuss scientific questions and topics which are relevant to the modern society.

6th Summer School at Kurhaus Trifels 2019

In September 2019 we had the 6th Trifels Summer School. It was organised by Koblenz-Landau University. The topic was Systems Thinking. Our Kurhaus Trifels Team is very proud of welcoming so many scientists of different subjects and from different countries and universities. When physicists talk, they talk physics. When geologists talk, they talk geology. But when scientists of so many different topics meet and talk, they talk about the future of the world.

Trifels Talk was about one of the biggest problems of our time: Climate change and how to save our world. Among others, we were happy to also welcome students who are active in the Fridays for Future movement. As always, Trifels Talk was a public event and open for everyone. As we could see from the large audience from Annweiler and surroundings, this year's topic met the people's interest. As in the past years, after the official part of the talk, conversations went on with wine and fingerfood.

5. Summer School im Kurhaus Trifels 2018

Im September 2018 fand nun schon zum fünften Mal die Trifels Summer School statt, diesmal organisiert von der Science and Innovation Alliance der Technischen Universität Kaiserslautern. Auch diesmal trafen sich wieder Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen und Universitäten, um aktuelle Themen mit Expertinnen und Experten aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik zu diskutieren. Die Trifels Summer School endete wie immer mit dem Trifelser Gespräch - einer öffentlichen Podiumsdiskussion, zu der alle Interessierten willkommen waren. Vor gut besetzten Reihen diskutierten renommierte Persönlichkeiten aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Forschung über die Auswirkungen digitaler Transformation auf die Arbeitswelten.

The 4th Summer School at Kurhaus Trifels 2017

The fourth Trifels Summer School will focus on "Future cities - Research for a Sustainable Urban Development". The Summer School is intended for PhD students in all subjects with interest in urban development research. It will take place from July 17 to July 21 at Kurhaus Trifels.

This year's Summer School will be organized by the KIT Graduate School for Climate and Environment ("GRACE") and KIT's Urban Research team.

More information are provided in the Trifels Summer School 2017 flyer.

Please feel free to download the full Programme here.

Trifels Conversations 2017

Like every year, Trifels Summer School will end with the Trifels Conversations, a public panel discussion which is open and free to everyone who is interested. This year's panel discussion with the topic "Future-orientated mobility betweed the citiy and its surroundings" picks up the Summer School's topic and focusses on an aspect which is particularly relevant to the public.

What does the future look like? How and where will we live? How do we commute from our home to our workplace? And last but not least: How can we make this lifestyle agree with the protection of climate and environment? Those are questions we should all be interested in.

The official flyer of this year's Trifels Conversations:


The 3rd Summer School at Kurhaus Trifels 2016

The third Summer School took place in September 2016 at Kurhaus Trifels and was organised by Landau University. The topic: "Risk-competent society - How to make decisions in an uncertain world"

The event ended with a public panel discussion, the "Trifels conversations". bri

One of the participants wrote a very nice and detailed report about the event. You can read it --> here.  (It's written in English).

The 2nd Summer School at Kurhaus Trifels 2015

In September 2015, the second Trifels Summer School took place. The year's topic was "The Energy of the Future". During the public panel discussion ("Trifels conversations"), the reorganisation of the energy system was discussed.


 Fotos: C. Sehrt

The 1st Summer School at Kurhaus Trifels 2014

 --> Read the report. (in German)