Medieval town of Annweiler

How a about a walk through the medieval town with its romantic half-timbered houses?

Picturesque medieval half-timbered houses, narrow alleyways, low doorways, the old town wall, cobblestone pavement, restaurants, cafés and wine bars.
Annweiler is just a 15 minute walk through the town park away. Ask for a town map at Reception.

Have a lovely time!

The town of Annweiler which is situated underneath Trifels castle has probably been founded around the 7th or 8th century. It was granted the rights of a town in 1219 by Emperor Frederick II. It is one of the oldest towns of Palatinate. In the 18th century it was the smallest of all imperial towns. Apart from Trifels castle, visit the beautiful old half-timbered houses on the town square and along Wassergasse alley, where doors open directly to the river Queich. Also have a look at the remains of the old town wall. About 7000 people live in Annweiler.