Climber's Hut and Asselstein Rock

Hike to Asselstein Rock and watch professional climbers making their way to the top.

This walk starts directly behind the hotel. Just follow the path and make it a rule to follow the steepest path up the hill - and you will soon reach the Climbers's Hut. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes up the hill. (They also offer refreshments.) After a short break, continue your path to Asselstein Rock, following the signs. Asselstein Rock is a rocky leef made of red sandstone, about 60 metres in length and 10 metres in width, and at its highest point 58 metres high. It features close to 80 climbing routes of different level and it's one of the most popular climbing destinations of Southern Palatinate. When the weather's fine, you can watch climbers making their way up or down. The detour to the rock, around the rock and back to Climber's hut takes about 20 minutes.