Almond trees in flower - Palatinate is pink

It's springtime. Everything is in flower, the sun shines, birds are singing. We are feeling good. The people in the streets are smiling more than usual, and our guests started asking for rooms with balcony.  :-) And last but not least: The almond trees are in flower! Our tipp of the week is a romantic walk along the Palatinate Almond Flower Path.

It's only for a couple of weeks each year, but for this time, Southern Palatinate is a dream in pink. Don't miss it! It's the perfect time to spend some time outside and enjoy nature.
Take a walk in a sea of almond flowers, or have a picknick underneath the almond trees...

We've got maps of the Palatinate Almond Path in the hotel for free. Also we could purchase some almond soap from the soap manufacture in Steinweiler - a very special gift for your loved ones. Ask at Reception!