Heating the grill on June 1st

We've been asked a lot if we're doing our famous barbecue again.

Yes, we are! 

We've changed the rules a bit, though. While last year, we had it all on a buffet, this year, we put on the barbecue what you order and serve it to you. This way, they will be less waste and we'll do our part to sustainability.

Unlike last year, we don't have barbecue once a week, but EVERY OPEN DAY IN JUNE! You can find our barbecue menue here.

You were hoping for a barbecue buffet like last year?

Then you should come this Saturday (1st June) when we are having our "Heating the grill" event with a served starter and dessert but mains from the barbecue buffet

Please book your table, we expect it to be full! +49 6346 30 88 60.