Who we are - what we believe

We care for sustainability.
Sustainability means for us to use this Earth‘s resources in a responsible way.  By offering only a small selection of dishes that we change monthly, we are able to optimise our purchases in a way that food will not be wasted.

We love good food.
That‘s why we cook for you with imagination and passion. Good ingredients and knowhow are the foundation. With our passion for good food, we want to inspire you.

We offer a small selection of excellent dishes out of which you can choose your favourite set menu.

Moritz Sommer und Team


We are open:

Thursday to Saturday from 6 pm

and on public holidays for lunch and dinner

In the summer time (from Eastern until October) also on Sundays
from 6 pm for our restaurant
and in the afternoons (12 pm - 6 pm) with coffee & cake,
flammkuchen and wine schorle

Book a table? +49 (0)6346 - 30 88 60