House rules for holiday home "Münzberg"

Our holiday home is newly furnished with love and quality furniture. We want you to enjoy your stay, and we want the guests after you to be able to enjoy their stay as well.

- House rules and useful information for a good stay -

Check-In, payment and security deposit:

•    You check in at the hotel Kurhaus Trifels and pay your stay at Check-In.

•    We make a copy of your passport / identity card and your credit card and we block a security deposit of 1000 € on your credit card. If the house has been returned in its initial condition, we will unblock your security deposit immediately, but within 3 days at the latest.

•    In case of damages of the house, the furniture or the equipment and in case of extreme pollution, we will keep part of the deposit: We keep the amount we need to return the holiday home to its initial condition.

•    We accompany you to the holiday home: We show you the way and explain to you what you need to know, and you confirm that the holiday home is in good condition.


•    The outdoor stairway can be illuminated. The switches are upstairs and downstairs next to the stairway. After a time, the light turns off automatically.

•    You can open the garage with your key and you are welcome to place your bikes or baby buggy in the garage. The garage is also where the waste containers live so you can empty your dustbins.

•    When you enter the house, you will find space to place your luggage and shoes underneath the stairs.

•    We kindly ask you to take off your shoes when you enter the house, and especially when you go upstairs.

•    We have placed cleaning equipment and a vacuum cleaner for you in the broom cupboard in the living room.


•    The kitchen is fully equipped for you to feel at home. You may use all the devices: The dishwasher, the fridge, the freezer, the stove, the oven, the microwave, the electric kettle, the sandwich maker and the coffee machine. You will find the manuals in the shelf above the fridge. Please clean the devices after use and upon departure leave them the way you found them.

•    We have equipped the kitchen with everything we thought you might need: dinnerware, cutlery, cups and glasses, pots and pans... You may use everything. Please clean after use and put things back to place they belong.

•    There is a set of spices and herbs in the kitchen that you may use for cooking. Except of that, we ask you not to leave any food behind when you leave. If there is food you haven't finished, please take it with you or dispose it in the waste containers in the garage.

•    In the kitchen, you will find a stock of dish clothes, cleaning rags, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tabs and garbage bags.


•    The closest grocery stores are in Annweiler: On the main road, there is a Wasgau supermarket with a bakery as well as a "dm" drugstore. A bit further, there is the Glaser bakery with café and an Aldi supermarket.

•    If you would like to have breakfast at the hotel, that's possible at Kurhaus Trifels. The costs are 14,50 € per person for our rich breakfast buffet including coffee, tea and juice. Please let us know a day in advance.

•    The Kurhaus Trifels Restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday. Why not check the menu on our homepage and pay us a visit? We would be honored to book a table for you.

Living / Dining:

•    In the TV chest, you will find a selection of puzzles and games that you are welcome to use. Please make sure that no parts get lost and tidy the games away after use.

•    The coffee table and the dining table are made of natural wood and require careful handling. We have placed glass coasters ready for you to use, so the red wine accompanying a nice evening won't leave any traces.

•    Please take care not to leave any stains on the new sofa. If something spills, it helps to clean it away immediately before it seeps in.


•    There are four bedrooms in the house, which are each suitable for two. If not explicitely agreed otherwise, you are entitled to one bedroom for each two persons. If you would like to use the rooms as single bedrooms, this is possible for an extra fee. Please talk to us about it.  

•    Bedding is provided. Your beds are ready made for you when you arrive.


•    The bathroom is fully equipped with bath tub, walk-in shower, soap and towels. We have placed bath towels for you in your bedroom. Please bring you own shampoo and cosmetic products.

•    Please be aware that the glass door of the shower may only be opened to the outside and not more than 90 degrees.

Garden, balkony, patio:

•    The outdoor area with two balkonies (one in the South, one with castle view), the patio with the patio furniture and the garden is completely yours during your visit.

•    You will find cushions for the garden furniture in the wardrobe in the larger one of the upstairs bedrooms. Please make sure not to leave the cushions outside at night or during rain.

•    When you go through the gate at the upper end of the garden, there is a walking path that will lead you to the forest.


•    Our holiday home Münzberg ist a non-smoking house. Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the house, as well as on the balcony if the wind blows the smoke inside. Smoking is allowed on the patio. You will find a clean ashtray in the kitchn underneath the sink. Please empty and clean the ashtray before you leave and put it back to where you found it.


•    Housetrained dogs are allowed and welcome, but please let us know beforehand. There is an additional one-time fee of 50 € for a dog.

•    Dogs are not allowed on the beds or on the sofa. It is allowed on its own pet cushion next to the sofa or beside the bed.

•    We have placed a dog bowl in the broom cupboard in the living room for you furry friend. Please don't use any of the cutlery in the kitchen to feed your dog. Before you leave, please clean the dog bowl and put it back to where you found it.  

•    Your dog will have fun running around and playing in the garden. Please note that the garden is not "dog-tight" - your furry friend might find its way out, so please keep an eye on it.  

•    Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a dog poo fairy, so you will have to take care yourself of what your dog leaves behind in the garden. We would like the next guests to be able to enjoy the garden the same way you could.


•    The holiday home must be left in a broom-clean condition: Dinnerware, cutlery and everything you used in the kitchen have to be cleaned and placed where they belong, the kitchen devices have to be empty and clean, the fridge has to be empty.

•    Don't leave any garbage behind in the house. You may use the garbage containers in the garage.

•    All things used have to be tidied away at the way you found them.

•    Upon Check-In, we agree on a departure time when we will meet you in the holiday home and check that everything is in order. If the holiday home has not suffered any damage and is handed over in a clean condition, your deposit will be unblocked immediately.

•    We charge a final cleaning fee of 150 €.

•    We would like to have your feedback. What did you like, what did you miss? What can we do to make the stay in our holiday home even better for future guests?

Questions during your stay

If you have any questions or problems, you can reach us at the hotel Kurhaus Trifels with the number 06346 - 30 88 60, or just pass by. Don't keep your problems to yourself - we like to help!


When the hotel reception is closed at night, you can reach us on our emergency mobile number: 0175 - 978 1006.

We have put effort and love into this holiday home and hope that you like it.
Please treat the holiday home, its furniture and equipment with respect.
We wish you a wonderful stay.

Das Kurhaus Trifels Team